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Willow Creek Home

Budget Pre-fabricated home with Custom Touches

2 Bedroom/2-Bath/Single Story

Massive screened-in porch, breathtaking upper-deck patio
~900 sq/ft

Location: Crestone, Colorado

Pre-Fabricated home with customizations
Amenities: Grand deck views, RV/Carport

Cost-saving home

Foundation and Site Development

Our journey began with an ambitious foundation and site development, setting the stage for a transformative addition to a home nestled in the heart of the Baca. With meticulous preparation, we laid a foundation stretching 70 feet in length and 12 feet across—the largest I have ever tackled. This solid base supported not just a home, but a vision for seamless integration with the landscape. We crafted a screened-in patio, front porch, sidewalks, and carport from concrete, each element designed for both elegance and functionality. The addition of an RV dump and the creation of an unparalleled deck atop the carport, offering 360° views through a sleek glass handrail, underscored our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Seamless Aesthetics and Durable Materials

Integrating the addition with the existing structure was a challenge we met with enthusiasm. The front and back porches, carport, and additional deck were designed to merge seamlessly with the manufactured home, creating a unified aesthetic. We selected cedar posts and beams for their natural beauty and durability, especially important in the harsh mountain environment. Maintenance-free finishes and the strategic use of materials like Hardy Backer siding with a faux wood grain completed the look, ensuring both charm and longevity.


Innovative Screened Patio Design

The screened patio stands as my proudest creation, a three-season haven that captures the breathtaking Crestone views without the intrusion of mosquitoes. Constructed with Douglas Fir glue-laminated beams, its design features rafters that tuck neatly into the ridge for a clean, uninterrupted line. Opting for painted plywood over traditional tongue-and-groove saved on costs without sacrificing style, showcasing our ability to blend innovation with practicality.

Carport and Concrete Mastery

The carport, a symphony of glue-laminated beams and posts, became a personal favorite feature. Its design, incorporating concrete connectors and a dual-direction slope for efficient drainage, was enhanced by a golden-hued concrete— a choice that elevated the aesthetic far beyond the ordinary. The sidewalks, with their contoured beauty and effective water management, showcased the harmony of form and function. This was a collaborative triumph, with skilled artisans like Kevin Kohn and Ken Skoglund bringing their expertise to realize our vision of durability and beauty in concrete work.


Success and Reflections

This project was more than a construction endeavor; it was a celebration of craftsmanship, collaboration, and the joy of creating spaces that resonate with beauty and function. The flawless execution, evidenced by the absence of cracks and the precision in every detail, speaks to the quality of our work and the materials chosen. Cedar, concrete, and thoughtful landscaping by Marissa have left an indelible mark on this property. The satisfaction of our client and the enduring nature of our work are the greatest rewards. This project, a seamless expansion of a narrow, prefabricated home, stands as a testament to our dedication to excellence and the joy we find in bringing visions to life. As we move forward, we cherish the relationships built and the absence of callbacks, a sign of our commitment to getting it right the first time

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