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“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

– Warren Buffet

Harrell Quality Homes stands for excellence, where every detail from foundation to finish is crafted with utmost care. Our dedication ensures each HQH Custom Home is a pinnacle of quality and beauty.


Mastering Quality and Excellence 
in Residential Construction


Steven A. Harrell, a native of Colorado, has pursued a standard of excellence in the field of residential construction for over twenty-nine years. He has executed complex designs and managed construction projects, with customer satisfaction driven teams, for the consumer who wants a quality project executed on-time and on-budget.

Steven has a flawless safety record. He has a proven record for project closeout and follow-through within budgetary allowances. He has caught the attention of premier builders and has been consulted for major construction projects in the Denver metropolitan area.

He received his degree in Project Management in Portland, Oregon. A designer himself, Steven has gained specialized experience in design and implementation, risk analysis, developing schedules, analyzing improvement opportunities, defining customer quality expectations, and checking and monitoring results.

Steven believes that the cultivation and coordination of skilled contractor teams is essential to the success of a total quality management construction environment. 


A Synergy of Design and Nature

Unlock the full potential of architectural design with Harrell Quality Homes. We believe that exceptional design surpasses the boundaries of mere functionality and aesthetics. It should capture the very essence of our clients, creating a space where they can thrive and find solace. While we don't provide in-house design and architectural services, we have established strategic partnerships with two renowned local architects, Carrie Caverly Architecture and Touson Saryon of Integral Design Studios. By collaborating closely with these experts, we are able to harness the cutting-edge advancements in home design technology. Our friendly and collaborative approach ensures that each client's unique aspirations are meticulously incorporated into the final design. The outcome? Magnificent, one-of-a-kind homes that seamlessly merge with the natural landscape, leaving a lasting impression."


Elevating Home Construction to
New Heights of Quality and Efficiency

Our construction philosophy is founded on the principle that every home we build must meet exceptionally high standards, from the solid foundation to the meticulous finishes. Here’s how we redefine the essence of quality in home construction:

  • Uncompromising Strength and Efficiency:
    We refuse to compromise on the beauty of our homes at the expense of their strength and efficiency. This steadfast commitment means that what we consider standard - in terms of materials and construction practices - often exceeds what other builders might offer as premium upgrades.

  • Raising the Bar on Building Standards:
    For us, the minimum code requirements serve merely as a starting point. We aim for the sky, ensuring that every aspect of our construction exceeds these baseline standards. This approach guarantees that our homes are not just built to last but are also pioneering in energy efficiency and structural integrity.

  • Weathering the Storm with Confidence:
    Our Colorado homes are sanctuaries, designed to offer unparalleled comfort and security, even in the face of harsh weather conditions of the deep mountains. Whether it's a howling wind or a heavy snowstorm, the difference in a home constructed by us is palpable. Inside, you'll find a calm, quiet, and secure environment - a testament to our meticulous design and construction standards.


This dedication to excellence ensures that each home we build isn't just a structure but a durable, efficient, and beautiful space where families can thrive for generations. It's not just a home; it's a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability - the HQH difference.


Cultivating Excellence Through Teamwork

Over the years, we've dedicated ourselves to forging enduring bonds with the finest sub-contractors and vendors across the greater San Luis Valley region. This meticulous selection process ensures that we work with individuals and teams who share our passion, values, and commitment to quality. It's a mutual admiration club here; we cherish our collaborations, and our partners reciprocate this enthusiasm.


Our dedication goes beyond just building homes; it extends to creating a job site environment that embodies safety and cleanliness. We believe that a well-organized and secure workspace is fundamental to not only protecting our team but also to fostering a sense of pride and ownership in every task undertaken. This positive atmosphere translates into a project management experience that is not just efficient but truly enjoyable for everyone involved, culminating in results that speak volumes of our collective effort and dedication.

The essence of our success lies in the synergy between our team, our esteemed partners, and the principles we uphold. Together, we transform construction sites into stages where excellence is performed daily, ensuring every project we undertake is a testament to the outstanding results born from unparalleled teamwork and collaboration.





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