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When you visit our website, you're agreeing to our rules, which are explained in these Terms and Conditions. These rules are in line with the law. If there's anything in these terms you don't agree with, then you shouldn't use our website. Also, all the content you see on our website—like text, pictures, and logos—is protected by laws that keep people from copying it without permission.


You're allowed to download a copy of the content (like data or PDF files) from the Harrell Quality Homes website, but only for your own personal use, not to make money from it or share it publicly. This permission doesn't mean you own what you download. Here's what you can't do:

  • Change or copy the materials.

  • Use them for any money-making or public activities.

  • Try to take apart or recreate any software or material from the site.

  • Take off any copyright or other legal notices from the materials.

  • Give the materials to someone else or put them on another website.

If you don't follow these rules, Harrell Quality Homes can end your permission to use the materials at any time. And if your permission ends, you have to delete all copies of the materials you downloaded, whether they're on your computer or printed out.

Everything you find on the Harrell Quality Homes website is offered just as it is. We make every effort to ensure accuracy of our site content, and if you se something you disagree with, please bring it to our attention. This means Harrell Quality Homes isn't promising that everything is perfect or will meet your needs exactly. We're saying right up front that we're not giving any guarantees about what we're offering. This includes not promising that the things we offer for sale will work as you hope, or that we have the right to sell everything, or that everything is totally original and doesn't step on anyone else's rights. Also, we can't promise that everything you see here is 100% accurate, will give you the results you want, or that everything on the website will always work perfectly. And if you follow links from our site to others, we can't guarantee what you'll find there either. 


Harrell Quality Homes and its suppliers won't be held liable for any kind of damage that happens because of using, or not being able to use, the materials on our website. This includes any loss of data, profit, or interruptions to your business that might happen. This stance holds even if we've been directly told that such damage could occur.

Jurisdiction Variations:

It's important to understand that this rule might not apply everywhere. In some places, the law doesn't allow businesses to say they're not responsible for certain types of damages, like incidental or significant losses. So, depending on where you live, these limits on liability may or may not affect you.



Types of Errors:
The materials on Harrell Quality Homes' website might have some mistakes, such as typos or incorrect photos.

Guarantee of Materials:
Harrell Quality Homes doesn't promise that everything you see on their site is completely accurate, fully detailed, or up-to-date.

Changes Without Notice:
Yes, Harrell Quality Homes can change any of the content on their website at any time they choose, and they don't have to tell you before they do it.

Obligation to Update:
Harrell Quality Homes doesn't commit to regularly updating the materials. This means what you see might not always reflect the most current information or versions of their materials.



About Links on Our Site:

  • Not Checked: Harrell Quality Homes hasn't looked into most of the other websites that link to us, nor have we reviewed the websites we link to from our site.

  • Not Responsible: Because we haven't checked these sites, we can't take responsibility for what you'll find there. This means if there's content on those sites that isn't great, it's not something we have control over.

  • No Endorsement: Just because there's a link on our website to another site doesn't mean we're giving it our thumbs up. We include links for various reasons, but that doesn't mean we're vouching for everything on those sites.

  • Your Choice: If you decide to click on any of these links and visit another site, you're doing so on your own. We're letting you know up front that we're not involved in what those other sites do or say.



Updating Terms: Harrell Quality Homes can change the terms of use for its website at any time, and it doesn't have to let you know in advance that it's doing so.

No Notification: There's no promise from Harrell Quality Homes to alert you about these updates. They can happen quietly, without any direct communication to you.

Agreement to Updated Terms: If you continue to use the website after the terms have been updated, it means you're automatically agreeing to these new terms, whatever they are. You're considered to be in agreement with the latest version of the terms just by using the site. 



Any legal issues or disputes that come up in connection with the Harrell Quality Homes website will be handled according to the laws of the United States, specifically in the state where Harrell Quality Homes is based. This means that:

Local Laws Apply: The legal framework of the State of Colorado within the United States where Harrell Quality Homes operates will govern any legal actions or proceedings.

Ignoring Conflict of Laws: The choice of law does not consider any conflict of law principles that might apply different legal rules.

In simple terms, if you have any legal disagreements or need to bring a case involving Harrell Quality Homes' website, the laws of the State of Colorado within the U.S. where Harrell Quality Homes is located will be used to resolve the matter, ignoring any rules that might try to apply the laws of another jurisdiction.



This Privacy Policy simplifies and clarifies how Harrell Quality Homes handles your personal information. It emphasizes our commitment to not sell your data, outlines the purpose behind data collection, and assures lawful and fair means of processing. The policy also reassures that your personal data will be kept secure and only for as long as necessary.


Furthermore, it affirms your rights to access our information management policies and to request deletion of your data or opt-out of communications. Our aim is to uphold your privacy and maintain transparency in our practices.

Your privacy is critical to us. Likewise, we have built up this Policy with the end goal you should see how we gather, utilize, impart and reveal and make utilization of individual data. The following blueprints our privacy policy.

We guarantee that we will not sell or provide your information to any third party. The information we collect is solely intended to facilitate your interaction and business transactions with HQH in a mutually beneficial way.

Before or at the time of collecting personal information, we will clearly state the purposes for which the information is being collected. This primarily involves your acceptance of our website terms, conditions, and privacy policy (this document).

We will only collect and use personal information for the specified purposes outlined by us, unless we obtain the consent of the individual or as required by law.

We will retain personal information only for as long as necessary to fulfill the specified purposes.

We will collect personal information through lawful and fair means, and with the knowledge or consent of the individual.

Personal information should be relevant to the intended purposes and should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

We will protect personal information through security measures to prevent loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification.

We will promptly provide customers with access to our policies and procedures for managing personal information.

We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles to ensure the security and privacy of personal information.

If you wish to have your personal information deleted from our systems, you can contact us at any time. This process typically takes up to 10 business days. Additionally, you have the option to opt-out of our email mailing list at any time. 


Snail-Mail requests can be sent to:
P.O. Box 997

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