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Badger Road Dream Home

Crafting with Purpose and Passion

4 Bedroom/2-1/2 Bath/2-Story

Guest House/Garage/Shop/Equestrian Arena
~2800 sq/ft

Location: Crestone, Colorado

2x6 High R-Value Construction
Amenities: Custom Kitchen, grand views

Off-grid/Solar, energy efficient.

Embarking on the Journey: The Harrell Dream Home

Creating the Harrell Dream Home was more than just a construction project; it was the realization of a family dream, deeply infused with personal significance and a strong connection to the natural world. This endeavor was driven by a vision to create a safe, beautiful space for my wife and three sons, set against the backdrop of the wild beauty of Crestone, Colorado. Our choice of location was deliberate, aimed at balancing our family's desire for closeness to nature with safety from its more formidable bear and mountain lion residents. 


Crafting with Purpose and Passion

Under the tutelage of my first mentor, Michael Sandrin, a seasoned expert in high-end construction from New Mexico, I honed my skills in design and construction. His influence permeated the project, guiding my approach to creating a space that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also fundamentally sound. The initial phase focused on constructing a shop as a foray into affordable housing experimentation. This stage laid the groundwork for the practical and philosophical challenges ahead, teaching me valuable lessons about the realities of creating cost-effective living spaces without sacrificing quality or resorting to external subsidies.

A Personal Touch

The doors of the home, crafted from Doug-fir sourced from Oregon, and the Pine and Douglas Fir interior doors, all handmade by me, imbue the space with a sense of personal significance. Every cabinet was custom-built, and every piece of the foundation laid by my hands. The shop, constructed first to facilitate the early stages of work, proved invaluable, embodying the project's ethos of thoughtful, sustainable construction. The use of strawbale for load-bearing walls in the shop and the 285 feet of exterior straw wall for the back patio are notable features, enhancing the home's connection to eco-friendly practices and extending our enjoyment of Colorado's outdoor seasons.


Collaboration and Sustainability

Working closely with local craftsmen, including a top-notch plumber and electrician, allowed us to realize our vision while managing costs effectively. The electrical system, installed under the guidance of Master Electrician Joshua Wilfong, and my hands-on approach to wiring, exemplify our commitment to sustainable living and personal involvement in every aspect of construction. The use of locally sourced, kiln-dried materials from La Jara, Colorado, for ceilings, facia, beams, flooring, and doors further underscores our dedication to supporting local communities and minimizing our environmental footprint.


Embracing Nature and Comfort

The back patio, with its straw wall windbreak, and the adobe brick-walled den offer spaces of tranquility and connection, embodying the home's harmony with its surroundings. The transformation of the shop into a versatile living space showcases the project's adaptability and commitment to creating functional, beautiful areas for family, guests, and potentially ranch hands, given the property's suitability for equestrian activities.

Tenacity and Triumph

The Harrell Dream Home stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication. Allocating a full year to work exclusively on this project, I embarked on a journey filled with hard work and discipline, far surpassing the effort required for typical projects of this nature. The result was a dream fulfilled—a beautiful, well-built home where I raised my boys, a place that continues to astonish me with its quality and performance.


In Reflection: 

The Harrell Dream Home project transcends mere construction, symbolizing a journey of creativity, tenacity, and deep personal investment. It stands as a beacon of sustainable living, a home built with care, dedication, and a profound connection to the land and our family's values.

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