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Residential/Commercial General Contractor
Serving Southern Colorado


Steven A. Harrell, a native of Colorado, has pursued a standard of excellence in the field of residential construction for over twenty-nine years. He has executed complex designs and managed construction projects, with customer satisfaction driven teams, for the consumer who wants a quality project executed on-time and on-budget.

Mr. Harrell has a flawless safety record; he has a proven record for project closeout and follow-through within budgetary allowances. He has caught the attention of premier builders and has been consulted for major construction projects in the Denver metropolitan area.

He received his degree in Project Management in Portland, Oregon. A designer himself, Mr. Harrell has gained specialized experience in design and implementation, risk analysis, developing schedules, analyzing improvement opportunities, defining customer quality expectations, and checking and monitoring results.

Mr. Harrell believes that the involvement of teams is essential to the success of a total quality management construction environment. This should be the primary organizational structure to accomplish the critical missions of construction projects.

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