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Steve Harrell's First Home Build

Built in 1990

3 Bedroom/1-3/4 Bath/Two Story

~1500 sq/ft

Location: Cedarcrest, Colorado

Back in the summer of 1986, right after graduating from high school, I packed my bags and set off for Albuquerque, New Mexico. Little did I know, that very move would mark the beginning of my transformative journey in homebuilding. I had the good fortune to apprentice under Michael Sandron—a master craftsman shaped by the rigorous carpentry union program in Denver, Colorado. Michael was not only a wizard with wood but also a mentor who shaped my early career with his profound skills and knowledge.

For four years, I worked closely with Michael, absorbing every detail and technique that he mastered. Our collaboration deepened, and soon I found myself taking on contracting work. Then, an unexpected opportunity came knocking that would change my professional life forever. A friend of Michael’s planned to build a custom home in Cedarcrest, nestled on the picturesque east side of the mountain. However, the lead builder’s sudden and tragic passing left a significant gap.

Stepping into the role, Michael promoted me to Job Boss and entrusted me with this critical project. I remember standing there with the client when Michael assured them that if Stephen Harrell built this house, it would match the exceptional quality they anticipated. That endorsement, four years into my career, was both a profound honor and a pivotal moment.

At the tender age of 24, I took on the role of General Contractor for the Cedarcrest house—a project close to my heart to this day. Michael had crafted a stunning design, and it was up to me to bring it to life. The pride I felt upon completion was immense. It wasn't just about building a house; it was a testament to the skills I had honed and the confidence I had gained.

Reflecting on that experience, it’s clear that building that home wasn’t just a job. It was a declaration of my dedication to craftsmanship and a milestone that affirmed I was truly meant for this trade. This project didn’t just build a house; it built me as a professional, laying a solid foundation for all my future endeavors in homebuilding.

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